BBQ Sauce

How to Make BBQ Sauce?

You can develop your best bbq sauce recipe.

BBQ sauce is one thing every grill chef is particular about. The perfect BBQ sauce adds flavor and moisture to meat, but every area has its own varieties. It's simple to make, so you can easily develop your own custom and easy BBQ sauce.

Types of BBQ Sauce

There are several types of BBQ sauce. Most traditional BBQ sauces either use tomato sauce, mustard, or vinegar as a base, and they come in all thicknesses. For instance, North Carolina BBQ sauce is thin and runny, while Kansas City barbecue sauces are thick and sticky.

There are also variations of sauces known as mopping sauces, which is regularly slopped all over the meat while it is cooking. Finishing sauce is used as a condiment when eating barbecue and is not used during the cooking process.

Using BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce can be used before, during, and after cooking the meat. The only warning is to avoid using barbecue sauce that contains tomatoes or a lot of sugar during the cooking process. These ingredients burn too easily and can affect the taste of your meat.

BBQ Sauce Recipes

I have included three basic BBQ sauce recipes - one for each type of main ingredient: Basic Tomato BBQ Sauce, Basic Vinegar BBQ Sauce, and Basic Mustard BBQ Sauce.

Once you've tried each of these BBQ sauce recipes, you can choose which is closest to what you want and begin modifying. Add or subtract ingredients, or change the amounts of different spices.

Finding the perfect barbecue sauce just takes time! Then you just have to decide whether to share your personal BBQ sauce recipe, or keep them begging!

Make the basic barbecue sauce by following the recipe, then start experimenting to develop your own delicious sauce. Below are more variates of easy BBQ sauce recipes:

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