Rub Recipes

Spice rub is a mixture of ground spices that is made for the purpose of adding flavor and texture to meats before it is cooked.

Tip: You don't have to use an exact Rub recipe or a commercial BBQ rub for doing good barbecue.

There are as many ways of doing barbecue as there are people--there are no two going to do it just alike. I use both salt and brown sugar in my rubs and sauces and anything else I can find. I don't think I ever make a rub or BBQ sauce the same two times in a row. I may try but there is always something that is a little different. So just play with your sauces and rubs and get them to where you like them.

our collections of spice rub recipes will give you a rub for anything you want to barbecue or grill. Just fire up the grill!

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