Grilled Strip Steak Recipe - How to make Grilled Strip Steak

Learn how to make the best delicious Grilled Strip Steak. Easy and tasty recipe for grilled strip steak. This recipe consists of boneless beef strip steaks, Kosher salt, Ground black pepper, and Maître d'Hôtel butter.

The strip steak — sometimes called a New York strip, a Kansas City strip or a strip loin steak — is one of the most highly prized cuts of beef. Tender and flavorful, it's ideal for high-heat, dry-heat cooking methods like grilling and broiling.

This recipe for broiled or grilled strip steak topped with Maître d'Hôtel butter is one of the classic steak preparations, and one of the simplest.

Preparation Time - 10 minutes
Cooking Time - 20 minutes

Ingredients - Serves 4
4 boneless beef strip steaks (6-8 oz each), about 1 inch thick
Kosher salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste
2 oz (4 Tbsp) Maître d'Hôtel butter

1. Preheat the broiler, grill or grill pan.
2. Trim the steaks of any excess fat, leaving about ¼ inch around the edge.
3. Brush the steaks with a bit of oil and season them generously with Kosher salt.
4. Place the steaks on the grill, taking care not to overcrowd them. Use two pans if necessary.
5. Cook for 3-5 minutes, depending on thickness of the steaks and the temperature of the grill. About halfway through cooking the first side, rotate the steaks 45 to 60 degrees to give them the classic cross-hatched grill marks.
6. Use a pair of tongs to flip the steaks, and cook them for another 3-5 minutes. You can test for doneness by pressing the center of the steaks with your thumb. For medium, the steak should spring back without feeling overly firm.
7. Plate the steaks immediately and top each one with a tablespoon of Maître d'Hôtel butter.

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