Barbecued rump of beef in Dijon recipe

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1kg (2lb) beef top rump joint
2tbsp fresh tarragon, roughly chopped
2tsp Szechuan pepper, crushed or ground black pepper
1tbsp Dijon mustard
1tbsp olive oil
2tbsp wine vinegar, either red or white


Lift the joint of meat out of its pack, cut off the strings and discard the added piece of roasting fat. Make a horizontal cut across the middle of the joint, without cutting through, then fold back the two sides to create one large, flat piece.

Place the meat in a large, shallow dish. Make a marinade by mixing together the tarragon, pepper, mustard and olive oil then massage all over the meat. Leave to marinate in the fridge for 1½ hours, then rub in the vinegar and set aside for a further 20 minutes.

Cook on a medium-heat barbecue for 15 minutes on each side then rest for 10 minutes before carving.

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