Grilled halloumi cheese salad - How to make Grilled halloumi cheese salad

The Grilled Recipes kitchen invites you to try Grilled halloumi cheese salad Recipe. Enjoy our collection of quick & easy grilled recipes and learn how to make Grilled halloumi cheese salad. 

Recipe facts:
Costs: £1.48
Takes: 15 min.
Serves: 4


250g pack of litre halloumi cheese
1 bag of watercress, spinach and rocket salad
200g cherry tomatoes, halved
100g sugar snap peas, trimmed
60g croutons
4tbsp of low-fat Greek yogurt
2tbsp of lemon juice
2tsp of chopped basil
2tsp of chopped parsley

Preheat the grill to a high heat. Cut the halloumi cheese into 8 thin slices and grill until golden on both sides.

Meanwhile, in a bowl mix together the spinach, watercress and rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas and croutons.

For the dressing, mix together the Greek yoghurt, lemon juice, 1tbsp of water, chopped basil and parsley.
Add the grilled cheese and dressing to the salad, toss gently and serve immediately.

From Tesco Realfood

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