Grilled flatbread pizzas recipe

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The Grilled Recipes kitchen invites you to try Grilled flatbread pizzas Recipe. Enjoy our collection of quick & easy grilled recipes and learn how to make Grilled flatbread pizzas.

Low in fat and full of flavour, these tasty pizzas are a clever way to use up Christmas leftovers - and they're sure to be a hit with the whole family!

Preparation Time 20 minutes
Cooking Time 35 minutes

Ingredients (serves 4)

4 x pieces (20cm-diameter) wholemeal Lebanese bread
1 x 450g can thin pineapple slices, drained
160ml (2/3 cup) tomato pasta sauce
1 red onion, halved, very thinly sliced
240g (1 1/2 cups) chopped lean ham
100g (1 cup) coarsely grated reduced-fat mozzarella
2 tbs coarsely chopped fresh continental parsley


Preheat the grill on high. Place 1 piece of bread on a baking tray and grill on 1 side for 3 minutes or until toasted and crisp. Repeat, in 3 more batches, with the remaining bread.

Meanwhile, cut each pineapple slice into 12 pieces. Spread the untoasted side of each piece of bread evenly with pasta sauce.

Sprinkle the pizzas evenly with onion, ham, pineapple and mozzarella. Lower the grill tray until the top of the pizza is about 12cm from the heat source. Grill 1 pizza for 5 minutes or until light brown and heated through. Transfer to a serving plate and cover with foil to keep warm. Repeat, in 3 more batches, with the remaining pizzas.

Sprinkle the pizzas with parsley and cut into quarters to serve.

Good Taste - December 2005, Page 131
Recipe by Tracy Rutherford

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